Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bangladesh in the ranking

Now their point is 92 points. Sri Lanka in sixth place with 93 points. After the first match of the ICC Champions Trophy, they dropped to number 7.

In the inaugural match of the Champions Trophy, Bangladesh scored 305 runs for 6 wickets against England. In reply, England won only two wickets and England won the match.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The popular stick game of Bangladesh is lost

The popular stick game of Bangladesh is lost

One of our popular games is the stick game. But where is the game that's going to lose. The stick game is a traditional martial art which is practiced in some places in the state of West Bengal, Bangladesh and India. The stick game 'is called' lathiyal 'practitioner. The stick game teaches self-defense with the stick. Under the British rule, the zamindars of undivided Bengal (East Bengal and West Bengal) used to set up lathiyals for safety. People still fight with stick for taking possession of land in the area.

These games are played to show their power and courage in various rituals including mormos and pujas. The common people of rural Bengal organized sticks on the occasion of the anniversary of the Bengali festival, marriage and the festival of Nabanna. Lathiyalas used to dance to dance and dance with coughs and rods. There is no end to human interest in playing a stick as a part of the tradition of rural Bengal. But no new organization or team is being formed in the stick game. As a result, the game is going to be lost. There are several types of stick play in village Bengali, one of them is the street game, play, robbery, banu game, group war, Nari Bari game and the game. The traditional stick game of rural Bengal is lost. The evolution of the times and the modern athletes are going to be lost in some of the traditional games from Grama Bangla, among which are Golla Chut, Dariyabanda, Iching-Biching, Chengupanti, Bau-Chi, and stick play. When there was no Tithi mountain in the village of Bangamangan, the people of rural Bangladesh organized some domestic games. Funny and intriguing stick game in all the games was enjoyed by the people.